Warranty & Terms of Sale

Trailerco.com.au offers a limited manufacturer warranty on all trailers against structural defects for 12 months from the date of purchase (unless otherwise stated).

Trailer warranty requirements are:

1. Full proof of purchase (original invoice) must be given at the date of notification of any claims under warranty.
2. This warranty is limited to structural defects in workmanship (subject to TrailerCo’s Discretion).
3. The trailer must receive regular maintenance and must be serviced within 6 months from purchase or warranty will be void, in accordance to the attached maintenance guides.
4. All components on the trailer which require grease (e.g. greaseable hinges, wheel bearings, etc) must be greased on a regular basis by a professional.
5. Notification of any warranty issue must be given to TrailerCo within 24hrs of the issue occurring.
6. TrailerCo must be given access to inspect the trailer at its main workshop at 59 South Road, Hindmarsh 5007 if requested by TrailerCO.
7. The trailer must not be used until inspection is completed.
8. Unless otherwise directed by TrailerCO, all warranty repairs are to be completed by TrailerCO with all trailers needing to be return to our address for a warranty claim (this is at the customers cost).
9. In all cases the cost of transporting the TrailerCO Trailer to and from the workshop must be paid by the owner.
10. The purchaser agrees to check or have a professional check wheel nuts and U bolts after the first 50Km of travel (re tightening to the correct nm for the stud type) Have a professional re grease/pack bearings and grease nipples at 500km of travel or 6 months (whichever occurs first), with tyre pressure checked and adjusted if necessary within 500km of travel (advise on this can be given, please contact one of our staff or a trailer professional). It is also advised that after 500km of travel every fitting and fastener (i.e nuts bolts) must be checked and re tightened.
11. TrailerCO’s trailers are designed specifically to be used on sealed roads and are not designed to be used off road (excluding camper trailers) and damage sustained by taking the trailer off of sealed road voids warranty.

This warranty is limited to exclude any claim relating to:-

1. Tyres & Bearings on all trailers and rubber matts (on our range of horse floats) caused by misuse or not following the above conditions.
2. Misuse of the TrailerCO trailer including but not limited to using the trailer with a load in excess of its structural capacity as designated as at the date of purchase or exceeding the maximum recommended speed limit.
3. Does not cover expenses beyond the warranty repair of the trailer itself.
4. Any work carried out on a TrailerCO Trailer, except by TrailerCO will void this warranty unless prior consent is given in writing.
5. Fair wear and tear, damage caused by improper use, misuse or abuse, defects due to modifications, accidents, damage caused by vandalism, rusting, acts of nature or any other event beyond the control of the manufacturer.
6. This warranty also does not cover scratching, scuffing or natural breakdown of materials, including rust on the trailer.
7. The cosmetic appearance of the TrailerCO trailer including the galvanised surface and the paint becoming dull or fading.